Mission And Vision


Shri Rajasthani Seva Sangh has been established with a commitment to make higher education available to the door-step of all those who are deprived and provide object-oriented modular education with emphasis on practical knowledge keeping in view the emerging industrial, business opportunities and researches globally in different areas of science and management. The University is seeking strategic alliances and academic collaboration with Top most Universities of India and abroad for teaching & researched.

Shri Rajasthani Seva Sangh wish to provide knowledge and educate students in science, technology and in other areas so that instead of job-seeker they become provider/creator of jobs and they will serve the nation and mankind at large in the 21st century with the purpose of building up a society based on equality, fraternity, peace and harmony, fostering the high standard of ethical and democratic values.


Becoming a vibrant knowledge Centre and a Centre of Excellence in teaching, research and extension education.

Bringing about conservation, creation, advancement and dissemination of knowledge.

Generating cutting edge Technology using and innovation to make India a developed nation.

Creating leaders in the field of Technology, Science, Management, Pharmacy and Social Science by providing quality education and research.


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