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Temple of “Goddess Laxmi & Narayan Dev” a Hindu deity at J.B. Nagar Andheri east is a fine initiative of Shri Rajasthani Seva Sangh along with its continued pursuits towards education and other philanthropic activities of the Trust.

Establishment of this temple (sanctuary) has religious and spiritual touch to the varied activities of Trust under the dynamic committed leadership of Shri Vinod Tibrewala President of Shri Rajasthani Seva Sangh.

The temple is unique in itself with its high powered Goddess Laxmi & Narayan Dev for showering their gracious blessing to its devotees who come to pray with their folded hands for the eternity of their life.

The foundation stone (Shilanyas) of this temple Sanctuary was laid on 5th Feb, 1961 at her gracious hands of Smt. Mahadeviji Piramal Makhariya.

On 17th May,1964 the first high profile puja “worshiping goddess Laxmi with Narayan” was performed in the sanctum of its place by Smt. Vasanti Devi Pralhadrai Dalmia with The temple (Sanctum) was renovated to its new phase graceful design setup, by Shri Durgadutt Jhabarmal Tibrewala father of Shri Viondji Tibrewala on 14 Dec, 1998.

On 6th March 1999 the new shrine of Devi Laxmi Mata with Narayan Dev were enshrined in the sanctum of its new temple setup, with 31 kundly Yazna in their new avatars at the gracious hands of Smt. Umadevi Vinodji Tibrewala.

Then comes the Golden Jublee celebrations of the temple and which was held on a large scale with lot of pomp and grandeur, by inviting priests from Kashi Rameshwar Haridwar, and Banaras & 1008 Mahamandleshwar Shri Swami Vishveshwarand Giri Ji Mahraj Besides, prominent dignitaries of Rajsthan and Rajasthan community and know Industrialists of Mumbai including the prominent ministers of the state & Central graced this occasion this event was held on 17th May, 1913 & which is a part of the history of Laxmi Narayan Temple of J B Nagar, Mumbai.


1. The Temple has in its sanctuary 30 feet deep well which continuously provides holy water to its devotees for worshiping (Puja) the deities at the temple.

2. The temple has Vat- Peepal tree it’s in premises for devoted ladies to worship on unique occasion of rituals.

3. The temple has 3,000 feet gold painting adorned in its prominent areas of the temple promises.

4. The Singhasan temple seat of goddess is fully made up of Silver with Gold plating for its uniqueness.

5. The Goddess Mahalaxmi of this temple is in her eighth avatar gracefully seated on a silver gold plated lotus throne.

6. The temples deity “Laxmi & Narayan” are adorned with high Godess power,& those who pray in the temple with devotion, are blessed by the deity for fulfillment of their prayers.

7. Many well-known Priests & Saints including swami Sankracharya have performed puja in this Temple.

8. 20 to 25 priests constantly keep offering prayers every day in the temple for the overall good of our elderly devotees of the Trust & other devotees of temple surroundings.

9. Residents of the locality of this temple are blessed for their betterment & wellbeing by the deity.

10. Entire disciples of this temple are blessed for progressive well being by the deity.

11. The temple Deity has been devotedly worshiped by Shri Ramanand Shastri & his family since 1971.

12. This Temple is a monument of secular feeling since it has representative presence of Mahaveerjee, Goutam Buddh, Gurunanak-Ayappa, Swami Narayan and saints of Sanatan Dharma.


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